ICTPPO 2017 Program and Schedule

Schedule at a glance

7/9 (Sun) 7/10 (Mon) 7/11 (Tues) 7/12 (Wed) 7/13 (Thurs)
7:00-9:00 Arrival Breakfast  Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9:00-10:20 Session 2 Session 6 Session 7.1 Departure
10:20-10:40 Coffee break Coffee break  Coffee break
10:40-12:00 Session 3 Session 1.2 Session 7.2
12:00-1:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00-4:00 Check-in Session 4 Excursion


Session 8
4:00-6:00 Registration Poster session Poster session
6:00-7:20 Dinner Dinner Banquet
7:30-9:30 Session 1.1 Session 5 Bonfire Party
10:00-12:00 Reception Poster session Poster session

We encourage every participant to bring a poster if possible. Posters are expected to remain on display throughout the entire conference to facilitate exchange of scientific information, education, as well as informal discussion that expands on the topics of oral presentations. Detailed instructions regarding the poster size and format will be available on the conference website in early June.


July 9 Sunday (Day 1)

2:00-6:00pm Check-in and Registration

6:00-7:20pm Dinner


7:30-7:40pm Opening

7:40-9:30pm Session 1.1 Diversity of photoreceptors in photosynthetic organisms.

Session chair: Hugo Scheer (Universität München, Germany)

7:40-8:10     Clark Lagarias (UC Davis, USA) Plenary lecture

8:10-8:30      Beronda Montgomery (Michigan State Univ., USA) Tetrapyrrole-binding tryptophan-rich sensory proteins (TSPOs) and responses to light and abiotic stress in Fremyella diplosiphon

8:30-8:50      Sabeeha Merchant (UCLA, USA) A day in the life of Chlamydomonas

8:50-9:10      Meng Chen (UC Riverside, USA) Mechanism of early phytochrome light signaling in Arabidopsis

9:10-9:30      Rei Narikawa (Shizuoka Univ., Japan) 181,182-dihydrobiliverdin as a chromophore for cyanobacteriochromes from chlorophyll d-bearing cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina


10:00-12:00pm Reception/set up posters


July 10 Monday (Day 2)

7:00-9:00am Breakfast


9:00-10:20am Session 2 Structures and functions of light-harvesting and photosynthetic complexes.

Session chair: Wolfgang Gärtner (Max-Planck Society, Germany)

9:00-9:30      Robert Blankenship (Washington Univ., USA) Plenary lecture

9:30-9:50      Noam Adir (Technion, Israel) Deciphering the structural sources of phycobilisome functionalities

9:50-10:05    Hugo Scheer (Universität München, Germany) Biliproteins of far-red adapting cyanobacteria: mechanisms for red-shift and basis for fluorescence markers

10:05-10:20 Jindong Zhao (Inst. of Hydrobiology, CAS, China) Modification of phycobilisomes in the cyanobacteria Anabaena 7120 and Synechococcus 7002


10:20-10:40am Coffee/Tea Break


10:40am-12:00pm Session 3 New methods, systems and concepts

Session chair: Don Bryant (Penn State Univ., USA)

10:40-11:00 Alex Jones (Univ. of Manchester, UK) Biophysical studies into the mechanism of a B12-dependent photoreceptor

11:00-11:20 Marius Schmidt (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)

11:20-11:40 Zhong Ren (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

11:40-11:50 Keiji Fushimi (Osaka Univ., Japan) Protein engineering of the extended red/green cyanobacteriochromes for biliverdin incorporation based on the structural information

11:50-12:00 Silke von Horsten (Marburg, Germany)


12:00-1:30pm Lunch


2:00-4:00pm Session 4 Rising stars Young investigators

Session chair: Emina Stojkovic (Northeastern Illinois University, USA)

2:00-2:15      Rafael Saer (Washington Univ., USA) Understanding energy transfer in the Fenna-Matthews-Olson protein through perturbation and denaturation

2:15-2:30      Heewhan Shin (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA) Light-induced and ligand-induced structural changes in a dual-sensor cyanobacteriochrome

2:30-2:45      Michal Gwizdala (Univ. of Pretoria, South Africa) Controlling light harvesting with light

2:45-3:00      Jack Chidgey (Univ. of Sheffield, UK) PufQ regulates porphyrin flux at the heme/bacteriochlorophyll branchpoint of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis via interactions with ferrochelatase

3:00-3:15      Tang Kun (Southern Univ. of Science and Technology, China) The terminal phycobilisome emitter, LCM: A light harvesting pigment with a phytochrome chromophore

3:15-3:30      Qinhong Yu (UC Davis, USA) Structural Basis of Light Activated Signaling by the Red/Green Cyanobacteriochrome, NpR6012g4

3:30-3:45      Julia Kirpich (UC Davis, USA) Unraveling the Mixed Ultrafast and Cryo-trapped Light-induced Dynamics of Tri-cysteine Violet/Blue CBCR Domain from Moorea producens

3:45-4:00      Natascha Riedel (Tech. Univ. Kaiserslautern, Germany) Structure and function of phycobiliproteinlyase GtCPES from Guillardia theta


4:00-6:00pm Poster Session

6:00-7:20pm Dinner


7:30-9:30pm Session 5 Applications of tetrapyrrole-based systems.

Session chair: Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)

7:30-8:00      Vladislav Verkhusha (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA) Plenary lecture: Near-infrared fluorescent proteins, biosensors and optogenetic tools engineered from bacterial phytochromes

8:00-8:20      Andreas Möglich (Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany)

8:20-8:40      Mark Gomelsky (Univ. of Wyoming, USA) Engineered bacteriophytochrome nucleotide cyclases for remote optogenetic control of biological activities in mammals

8:40-9:00      Dror Noy (Migal, Israel)

9:00-9:20      Erik Rodriquez (George Washing Univ., USA) A far-red fluorescent protein evolved from a cyanobacterial phycobiliprotein

9:20-9:30      TBD


9:30-11:30pm Poster session


July 11 Tuesday (Day 3)

7:00-9:00am Breakfast


9:00-10:20am Session 6 Structures and functions of signaling photoreceptors.

Session chair: Xiaojing Yang (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

9:00-9:30      Rick Vierstra (Washington Univ., USA) Plenary lecture

9:30-9:50      Wolfgang Gärtner (Max Planck, Germany) Slr1393 from Synechocystis – a prototypal red-green switching cyanobacteriochrome with unexpected complexity

9:50-10:05    Tilman Lamparter (KIT, Germany)

10:05-0:20    Andreas Winkler (Graz University of Technology, Austria)


10:20-10:40am Coffee/Tea Break


10:40-12:00pm Session 1.2 Diversity of photoreceptors in photosynthetic organisms.

Session chair: Clark Lagarias (UC Davis, USA)

10:40-11:00 David Kehoe (Indiana Univ., USA) Four colors, two photoreceptors: insights into the complexities of “red-green” chromatic acclimation

11:20-11:20 Min Chen (Univ. of Sydney, Australia) The red-shifted phycobiliprotein complexes

11:20-11:40 Yoshitaka Saga (Kindai Univ., Japan) Spectroscopic and structural features of the light-harvesting complexes 2 in purple photosynthetic bacteria induced by removal of B800 bacteriochlorophyll a

11:40-12:00 Chunhong Yang (Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of sciences, China) Photoprotection of photosystem II: regulation of violaxanthin binding and xanthophyll cycle by the carotenoid, 9-cis-neoxanthin, unique to light-harvesting complexes


12:00-1:30pm Lunch

Afternoon Excursion

1:30pm            Bus leaving for downtown Chicago

2:30-3:30pm    Chicago Architectural Foundation Cruise

3:30-9:00pm   Free activity time

9:00pm            Bus leaving downtown Chicago (back to the Hyatt Lodge)


July 12 Wednesday (Day 4)

7:00-9:00am Breakfast


9:00-10:20am Session 7.1 Biosynthesis, metabolism and catabolism of tetrapyrrole pigments.

Session Chair: Bernhard Grimm (Humboldt Univ., Germany)

9:00-9:30      Donald Bryant (Penn State Univ., USA) Plenary lecture Methyl group oxidation in the synthesis of chlorophylls and bacteriochlorophylls: independent solutions to the same problem in light harvesting

9:30-9:50      Wendy Schluchter (Univ. of New Orleans, USA) Enzymes involved in phycoerythrin biosynthesis in Fremyella diplosiphon

9:50-10:10    Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany) Pigment biosynthesis from bacteria goes viral

10:10-10:20 Keiichi Fukuyama (Osaka Univ., Japan) Protonation States of PcyA-Biliverdin and Its I86D Mutant Protein-Biliverdin Complexes Revealed by Neutron and X-ray Crystallographic Analyses


10:20-10:40am Coffee/Tea Break


10:40-12:00pm Session 7.2 Biosynthesis, metabolism and catabolism of tetrapyrrole pigments.

Session Chair: Min Chen (Univ. of Sydney, Australia)

10:40-11:00 Bernhard Kräutler (Univ. of Innsbruck, Germany)

11:00:11:20 Bernhard Grimm (Humboldt Univ., Germany) Several Strategies to Control 5-Aminolevulinic acid (ALA) Synthesis

11:20-11:40 Robert Willows (Macquarie Univ., Australia) Role of 1-N-histidine phosphorylation of magnesium chelatase in chlorophyll synthesis

11:50-12:00 Masakazu Sugishima (Kurume Univ., Japan) Crystal Structure of Cyanobacterial Biliverdin Reductase Reveals Two Biliverdin Molecules Bind to the One Catalytic Cleft

11:40-11:50 Guangyu Chen (Univ. of Sheffield, UK) Three classes of oxygen-dependent Mg-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester cyclase


12:00-1:30pm Lunch


2:00-4:00pm Session 8 Ultrafast dynamics and molecular mechanisms.

Session Chair: Keith Moffat (Univ. of Chicago, USA) Introduction

2:10:2:40      Petra Fromme (Arizona State Univ., USA) Plenary talk

2:40-3:00      Delmar Larsen (UC Davis, USA) On the Presence (or Absence) of Heterogeneity in the Photodynamics of Phytochromes and Cyanobacteriochromes

3:00-3:20      Greg Engel (Univ. of Chicago, USA)

3:20-3:40      Dongping Zhong (Ohio State Univ., USA) Ultrafast dynamics of bathy phytochrome

3:40-4:00      Sebastian Westenhoff (Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden)


4:00-6:00pm Poster Session

6:00-7:20pm Dinner


7:30-9:30pm Evening Banquet

9:30-12:00pm Party


July 13 Thursday (Day 5)

7:00-9:00am Breakfast