ICTPPO2017 flyer in PDF

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are pleased to announce that the 13th International Conference on Tetrapyrrole Photoreceptors of Photosynthetic Organisms (ICTPPO) will be held in Chicago, July 9-13, 2017. This biennial conference brings together the established and young scientists around the world to discuss recent research advances, new techniques and next challenges in the field of tetrapyrrole photoreceptors. As in the past, this meeting will feature the structures, dynamics and diverse biological functions of this fast-expanding family of photoreceptors, including the phytochrome superfamily, light-harvesting/photosynthetic apparatuses as well as the newly characterized B12-based photoreceptors. The session topics will also address how tetrapyrrole-based systems are regulated and integrated in photosynthetic organisms; how they can be exploited, repurposed and engineered for biomedical and renewable energy applications. The meeting venue is located at the beautiful Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s campus. This Midwestern prairie-style retreat offers a quiet and relaxing environment ideal for comparing notes, making connections, nurturing collaborations and fueling new ideas.  We are very fortunate to have an outstanding lineup of invited speakers who are leaders and/or rising stars in the field. This conference also strives to provide graduate students and young scientists a forum to present their research and to explore career opportunities.

We hope to see you all in Chicago.


Xiaojing Yang (Chair, University of Illinois at Chicago)

Emina Stojkovic (Co-chair, Northeastern Illinois University)