ICTPPO 2017 Program and Schedule

Schedule at a glance

7/9 (Sun) 7/10 (Mon) 7/11 (Tues) 7/12 (Wed) 7/13 (Thurs)
7:00-9:00 Arrival Breakfast  Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9:00-10:20 Session 2 Session 6 Session 7.1 Departure
10:20-10:40 Coffee break Coffee break  Coffee break
10:40-12:00 Session 3 Session 1.2 Session 7.2
12:00-1:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00-4:00 Check-in Session 4 Excursion


Session 8
4:00-6:00 Registration Poster session Poster session
6:00-7:20 Dinner Dinner Banquet
7:30-9:30 Session 1.1 Session 5 Party
9:30-11:30 Reception Poster session Poster session

We encourage every participant to bring a poster if possible. Posters are expected to be on display between Monday (7/10) morning and Wednesday (7/12) midnight in the Foyer of the Hyatt Lodge. We will provide a wide-format (13″x19″) printer on site.  If you are interested, please plan your poster in 13″x19″ modules, and ask  Xiaojing for help.


July 9 Sunday (Day 1)

2:00-6:00pm Check-in and Registration

6:00-7:20pm Dinner


7:30-7:40pm Opening

7:40-9:30pm Session 1.1 Diversity of photoreceptors in photosynthetic organisms.

Session chair: Katrina Forest (University of Wisconsin Madison)

7:40-8:10     Clark Lagarias (UC Davis, USA) Plenary lecture Bilin-dependent photoacclimation in algae lacking phytochromes

8:10-8:30      Beronda Montgomery (Michigan State Univ., USA) Tetrapyrrole-binding tryptophan-rich sensory proteins (TSPOs) and responses to light and abiotic stress in Fremyella diplosiphon

8:30-8:50      Sabeeha Merchant (UCLA, USA) A day in the life of Chlamydomonas

8:50-9:10      Meng Chen (UC Riverside, USA) Mechanism of early phytochrome light signaling in Arabidopsis

9:10-9:30      Rei Narikawa (Shizuoka Univ., Japan) 181,182-dihydrobiliverdin as a chromophore for cyanobacteriochromes from chlorophyll d-bearing cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina


9:30-10:30pm Reception


July 10 Monday (Day 2)

7:00-9:00am Breakfast


9:00-10:20am Session 2 Structures and functions of light-harvesting and photosynthetic complexes

Session chair: Wolfgang Gärtner (Max-Planck Society, Germany)

9:00-9:30      Robert Blankenship (Washington Univ., USA) Plenary lecture Molecular Mechanisms of Antenna Regulation in Green Sulfur Phototrophic Bacteria

9:30-9:50      Noam Adir (Technion, Israel) Deciphering the structural sources of phycobilisome functionalities

9:50-10:05    Yoshitaka Saga (Kindai Univ., Japan) Spectroscopic and structural features of the light-harvesting complexes 2 in purple photosynthetic bacteria induced by removal of B800 bacteriochlorophyll a

10:05-10:20 Jindong Zhao (Inst. of Hydrobiology, CAS, China) Modification of phycobilisomes in the cyanobacteria Anabaena 7120 and Synechococcus 7002


10:20-10:40am Coffee/Tea Break


10:40am-12:00pm Session 3 New methods, systems and concepts

Session chair: Don Bryant (Penn State Univ., USA)

10:40-11:00 Alex Jones (Univ. of Manchester, UK) Biophysical studies into the mechanism of a B12-dependent photoreceptor

11:00-11:20 Marius Schmidt (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA) Structure and Function of Blue- and Red-Light Photoreceptors

11:20-11:40 Zhong Ren (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA) Dynamic Crystallography of Bilin-based Photoreceptors

11:40-11:50 Katherine Warpeha (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA) Phenylalanine: New Roles in Photo-sensing for an Old Amino Acid

11:50-12:00 Silke von Horsten (Marburg, Germany) Mapping light-driven conformational changes within the photosensory module of plant phytochrome B


12:00-1:30pm Lunch


2:00-4:00pm Session 4 Rising stars in Young investigators

Session chair: Emina Stojkovic (Northeastern Illinois University, USA)

2:00-2:15      Rafael Saer (Washington Univ., USA) Understanding energy transfer in the Fenna-Matthews-Olson protein through perturbation and denaturation

2:15-2:30      Heewhan Shin (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA) Light-induced and ligand-induced structural changes in a dual-sensor cyanobacteriochrome

2:30-2:45      Michal Gwizdala (Univ. of Pretoria, South Africa) Controlling light harvesting with light

2:45-3:00      Jack Chidgey (Univ. of Sheffield, UK) PufQ regulates porphyrin flux at the heme/bacteriochlorophyll branchpoint of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis via interactions with ferrochelatase

3:00-3:15      Tang Kun (Southern Univ. of Science and Technology, China) The terminal phycobilisome emitter, LCM: A light harvesting pigment with a phytochrome chromophore

3:15-3:30      Qinhong Yu (UC Davis, USA) Structural Basis of Light Activated Signaling by the Red/Green Cyanobacteriochrome, NpR6012g4

3:30-3:45      Julia Kirpich (UC Davis, USA) Unraveling the Mixed Ultrafast and Cryo-trapped Light-induced Dynamics of Tri-cysteine Violet/Blue CBCR Domain from Moorea producens

3:45-4:00      Natascha Riedel (Tech. Univ. Kaiserslautern, Germany) Structure and function of phycobiliproteinlyase GtCPES from Guillardia theta


4:00-6:00pm Poster Session


6:00-7:20pm Dinner


7:30-9:30pm Session 5 Applications of tetrapyrrole-based systems.

Session chair: Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)

7:30-8:00      Mark Gomelsky (Univ. of Wyoming, USA) Plenary Talk Engineered bacteriophytochrome nucleotide cyclases for remote optogenetic control of biological activities in mammals

8:00-8:30      Andreas Möglich (Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany) Engineering and Optimization of Light-regulated cNMP-specific Phosphodiesterases

8:30-8:50      Dror Noy (Migal, Israel) New natural and artificial chlorophyll-binding proteins based on the water-soluble chlorophyll proteins from brassicaceae (WSCP)

8:50-9:10      Erik Rodriquez (George Washing Univ., USA) A far-red fluorescent protein evolved from a cyanobacterial phycobiliprotein

9:10-9:30     Keiji Fushimi (Shizuoka University, Japan) Protein engineering of the extended red/green cyanobacteriochromes for biliverdin incorporation based on the structural information


9:30-11:30 Poster Session and Discussion


July 11 Tuesday (Day 3)

7:00-9:00am Breakfast


9:00-10:20am Session 6 Structures and functions of signaling photoreceptors.

Session chair: Xiaojing Yang (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

9:00-9:30      Rick Vierstra (Washington Univ., USA) Plenary lecture Photosensing and thermosensing by phytochrome B requires both proximal and distal allosteric features within the dimeric photoreceptor

9:30-9:50      Wolfgang Gärtner (Max Planck, Germany) Slr1393 from Synechocystis – a prototypal red-green switching cyanobacteriochrome with unexpected complexity

9:50-10:05    Tilman Lamparter (KIT, Germany) A bacterial phytochrome with two bilin binding sites

10:05-10:20    Andreas Winkler (Graz University of Technology, Austria) Mechanistic insights into phytochrome regulation of c-di-GMP production in red light regulated diguanylyl cyclases


10:20-10:40am Coffee/Tea Break


10:40-12:00pm Session 1.2 Diversity of photoreceptors in photosynthetic organisms.

Session chair: Clark Lagarias (UC Davis, USA)

10:40-11:00 David Kehoe (Indiana Univ., USA) Four colors, two photoreceptors: insights into the complexities of “red-green” chromatic acclimation

11:20-11:20 Min Chen (Univ. of Sydney, Australia) The red-shifted phycobiliprotein complexes

11:20-11:40 Chunhong Yang (Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of sciences, China) Photoprotection of photosystem II: regulation of violaxanthin binding and xanthophyll cycle by the carotenoid, 9-cis-neoxanthin, unique to light-harvesting complexes

11:40-12:00 Misato Teramura (Ritsumeikan University, Japan) Bacteriochlorophyll biosynthetic pathways based on the in vitro enzymatic study


12:00-1:30pm Lunch


Afternoon Excursion

1:30pm            Bus leaving for downtown Chicago

2:30-3:30pm    Chicago Architectural Foundation Private Cruise

3:30-9:00pm   Free activity time

9:00pm            Bus leaving downtown Chicago (back to the Hyatt Lodge)


July 12 Wednesday (Day 4)

7:00-9:00am Breakfast


9:00-10:20am Session 7.1 Biosynthesis, Metabolism and Catabolism of Tetrapyrrole Pigments.

Session Chair: Bernhard Grimm (Humboldt Univ. Berlin, Germany)

9:00-9:30      Donald Bryant (Penn State Univ., USA) Plenary lecture Methyl group oxidation in the synthesis of chlorophylls and bacteriochlorophylls: independent solutions to the same problem in light harvesting

9:30-9:50      Wendy Schluchter (Univ. of New Orleans, USA) Enzymes involved in phycoerythrin biosynthesis in Fremyella diplosiphon

9:50-10:10    Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany) Pigment biosynthesis from bacteria goes viral

10:10-10:20 Keiichi Fukuyama (Osaka Univ., Japan) Protonation States of PcyA-Biliverdin and Its I86D Mutant Protein-Biliverdin Complexes Revealed by Neutron and X-ray Crystallographic Analyses


10:20-10:40am Coffee/Tea Break


10:40-12:00pm Session 7.2 Biosynthesis, metabolism and catabolism of tetrapyrrole pigments.

Session Chair: Min Chen (Univ. of Sydney, Australia)

10:40-11:00 Bernhard Kräutler  (Univ. of Innsbruck, Austria) Phyllochromobilins – colored tetrapyrrolic photo-switches from chlorophyll breakdown

11:00:11:20 Bernhard Grimm (Humboldt Univ., Germany) Several Strategies to Control 5-Aminolevulinic acid (ALA) Synthesis

11:20-11:40 Robert Willows (Macquarie Univ., Australia) Role of 1-N-histidine phosphorylation of magnesium chelatase in chlorophyll synthesis

11:40-11:50 Masakazu Sugishima (Kurume Univ., Japan) Crystal Structure of Cyanobacterial Biliverdin Reductase Reveals Two Biliverdin Molecules Bind to the One Catalytic Cleft

11:50-12:00 Guangyu Chen (Univ. of Sheffield, UK) Three classes of oxygen-dependent Mg-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester cyclase


12:00-1:30pm Lunch


2:00-4:00pm Session 8 Ultrafast dynamics and molecular mechanisms.

Session Chair: Keith Moffat (Univ. of Chicago, USA) Introduction

2:10:2:40      Petra Fromme (Arizona State Univ., USA) Plenary talk Time-resolved Femtosecond Crystallography Studies of Biomolecules “in Action”

2:40-3:10      Delmar Larsen (UC Davis, USA) On the Presence (or Absence) of Heterogeneity in the Photodynamics of Phytochromes and Cyanobacteriochromes

3:10-3:35     Peter Schwander (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) Single-Particle diffraction with the X-Ray Free Electron Laser: New Opportunities to Study Structure and Function in Biology

3:35-4:00      Sebastian Westenhoff (Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden) Structural signaling in bacteriophytochromes


4:00-6:00pm Poster Session


6:00-9:30pm Banquet and Party


10:00-12:00pm Reception and Poster session (please take poster off before midnight)


July 13 Thursday (Day 5)

7:00-10:00am Breakfast


Checkout by noon